Our History

Gopet Romania was founded in 2002, and followed the expansion strategy of Gopet in the Balkan region in order to consolidate activities and better service local clients.
In the beginning, the local team performed the core activities of international freight forwarding. Gradually, the activities developed to more markets and diversified range of services, as well as integrating local partners, in close connection with our business model focused on sustainability and long term partnerships.

Today, Gopet Romania offers to clients a wide range of services including road transportation covering all Europe, intermodal solutions and warehousing and logistics activities.

  1. 1995 Gopet Trans was founded in Sofia with main activity as international freight forwarding.
  2. 1996 Increase of activity required a dedicated fleet. Gopet was founded and will act as an in-house carrier.
  3. 1997 Further consolidation of activities required a new business model. Gopet Trans started developing a strong subcontractors’ network in close keeping with our commitments to create long term partnerships based on trust, open communication and mutual growth.
  4. 2002 First step abroad was made with the opening of Gopet Romania. We kept our commitment to being closer to clients: support their development by providing them with our services in their native language.
  5. 2004 Gopet Logistics was established. The new division would regroup all warehousing and logistics activities.
  6. 2009 Gopet Romania expanded the services range by integrating its own Logistics Division. The same year, Gopet Logistics opened in Sofia a new 4.000 sqm logistics centre, with modern facilities.
  7. 2009 Due to the increasing number of clients and services coverage, Gopet Poland was opened, and the local team was integrated, in order to better serve clients with main operations in Poland and its neighbouring area.
  8. 2012 Gopet Hellas was founded in order to support the development of Greek operations and offered to clients the full range of GopetTrans services available at that moment.
  9. 2013 Our Intermodal services division was founded with the goal of creating viable road-rail setups to link Greece and Bulgaria with the UK.
  10. 2014 Gopet Trans started its own Block train between Ruse, BG <>Curtici, RO and started investing in its own intermodal units fleet.
  11. 2016 Gopet Iberica is our newest local implantation. Our Spanish team offers freight forwarding services.
  12. 2016 New Service – Sea Shipping services, offering global reach to Bulgarian clients.
  13. 2019 Furthering our services’ global reach with the addition of Airfreight services.
  14. 2020 Celebrating our first 25 years of activity. What a ride!
  15. 2020 We are opening a new office in Istanbul – Gopet Turkey!
  16. 2020 Gopet Scandinavia was created in order to efficiently manage a very specific market – Scandinavia – and further develop the business on this region. The new entity takes full advantage of the GROUP’s services, expertise and IT capabilities in order to provide the expected level of service to our Scandinavian clients, present and future.

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