GOPET Romania organized the third edition of our traditional event, Partners Day,  on October 27th and 28th. We see it as a good opportunity to meet and discuss important business topics with our longterm carriers. In fact, the 2018 edition was dedicated to our top 40 partners (according to the volume of activity developed with GOPET).

We also marked a change from the first two editions, organized as round tables where we debated the topics of interest in a limited timeframe. This year, our priority was to create an opportunity for longer discussions on a variety of topics, both formal or informal, in order to give dedicated attention and time to each partner. We activate in a very dynamic industry where mutual support and strong relationship make the difference. We believe that dialogue is the most effective way to build respect and trust, the cornerstones of long-term partnerships.

The entire Gopet team is looking forward to the next edition!