New intermodal link: Antwerp – Halkali

Mar 5, 2022Press release

In 2020 GOPET TRANS opened a new subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey. As a result, we are now developing the local range of services, and intermodal is a logical step as there is strong development potential.

Our central Intermodal Division has created and implemented a new link between Antwerp, Belgium and Halkali, Turkey and we are now working to expand the portfolio of clients using this service.

A series of project-based shipments in 2021 for a few of our clients represented the starting point. We did see interest from other clients for it, the reason for which we have decided to continue developing it and include it now in our range of active setups.

Being a long-distance setup, we are using 45HC containers as they do offer a higher level of security and integrity of goods. Another important reason for this choice is that containers are “friendlier” in terms of terminal operations (handling, shunting).

While we are using semitrailers on other setups (especially the ones running from Romania and Bulgaria), we don’t consider at this point integrating them on this particular route.

The route via Duisburg was an optimal choice for us. One key criterion in our decision was the provider, which is a long-term partner to us and we are confident to access a high-level service. Other stops along the route are considered depending on actual clients’ needs and we are open to make the adjustments and handle the operations.

Last-mile deliveries to Benelux and UK are available and we are handling them directly for the mainland and via a partner for UK.  Units are transferred via Zeebrugge to Hull and from there continue via road.

Curtici – Barcelona Link

We have recently launched a setup connecting Curtici, Romania to Barcelona, Spain. We have a subsidiary in Spain, this connection aims to consolidate flows between the Western southern area and Balkans. 


Founded in 1995 in Sofia, GOPET TRANS started as a freight forwarder and transformed into a „one-stop” transportation and logistics provider through vision, client focus, and full commitment of a professional and experienced team.

Today, the company is the leading provider of transport and logistics services in Bulgaria and a major regional player, with a strong local presence and activities in Greece, Romania, Poland, Spain, and, as of 2020, in Turkey. By revenues, it ranks first in Bulgaria and in Top 15 in Romania. It provides reliable services to more than 5.000 Bulgarian and international companies, of various sizes and from diverse industries. GOPET TRANS offers solutions for freight forwarding (road transport) with wide coverage in Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East; intermodal solutions connecting Southern and Western Europe; global reach through maritime and air transport solutions; as well as complete logistics, warehousing and distribution solutions for Bulgaria and Greece. The team of GOPET TRANS numbers about 400 people, half of them in Bulgaria. Expansion plans target further services diversification and increasing business agility by continuous digitalization.

The business philosophy of GOPET TRANS is centered on providing solutions to forward clients’ businesses. The management of the company firmly believes that, by supporting the customers and partners to develop, GOPET TRANS ensures its own sustainable growth.