GOPET ROMANIA, Premium Partner for “Mastering the Supply Chain Business” Conference

May 26, 2022News

When we entered this industry, T&L was the “art of moving goods”. In between then and now, we feel we evolved from artfully moving goods up and down supply chains to enabling “access” – the result of hard and soft skills, polished by time and proven by times. For our subcontractors, it is access to doing business in a sustainable and predictable way. For our clients, reaching promptly their suppliers or clients in existing or new markets. Or with new solutions allowing either faster or greener or more efficient access. It can vary from sending the right truck at the right moment, creating a new intermodal link or bringing teams together to co-create land, sea and air synergies. Similar to how neurons can shape new neural pathways when one learns a new habit. Because learning new skills and getting exposed to different perspectives to improve existing ones was important during these 20 years but it is now critical.

In its 20 years of existence, ARILOG too had and continues to be a relentless promoter of “access”: insightful information, knowledge, best practices, networking and exquisite professionals in our own field and not only. “Mastering the supply chain business” Conference is another proof of their vocation to providing valuable, inspiring and actionable content. What an extraordinary occasion for GOPET ROMANIA to proudly join in supporting a celebration of great minds and expertise.

The conference was held on May 17th and welcome in its audience over 200 supply chain professionals from Romania and also abroad.