Emil Balica, Operational Manager GOPET Romania, talked with the magazine “Cariere” about his vision on the role that a manager has in building a strong team.

Any managerial role is the sum of all the manager’s formative experiences, both professional and personal ones. Emil talks about all this in his characteristic style: honest, direct, argued.

The interview tackles the dilemma “manager v. leader”. According to the GOPET manager, the metamorphosis into a leader becomes possible only if that manager is able to avoid seeking “clones” of himself in his colleagues, and instead support their talent.

I think balance is the word that should define a manager. […] There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your people grow, that they understand the context, and they uphold a balanced working environment which helps them have confidence in what they do, be creative or, in a word, remarkable.

Full interview is available, in Romanian language, here.

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