Our internal philosophy says that the driving force behind the company’s results is the remarkable GOPET team. Therefore, all policies defined and implemented by the HR are aimed at creating the right environment in which all colleagues can develop in the right direction and achieve performance.

Alina Amza, HR Manager, explains in an interview for the “Cariere” magazine how does GOPET tackle such a complex topic, which does not find most of the time the right transition form abstract concept to real life.

In GOPET Romania, performance management process (PMP) began two years ago, and included a first year pilot phase for both managers and employees. PMP’s overall strategy was centered around a single objective: professional development.

Making sure we find the appropriate adequacy between the process and the company’s realities was essential. Yet, the top priority remained to keep and further consolidate all the feedback channels between managers and colleagues. We are strong in our opinion that open and assertive communication is key to performance, both professional or individual.

The full interview is available (in Romanian) here.