16% increase in revenues in the first 5 months of 2021

Jun 9, 2021Press release

Gopet Romania, the freight forwarding company with almost 20 years of activity on the Romanian market, ended 2020 with a turnover of 32.3 million euros. Although the markets are still unpredictable, the first 5 months brought an estimated 16% increase in revenues for Gopet Romania, compared to the same period in 2020, which demonstrates the company’s ability to adapt to the context created by the pandemic, as well as the returning of a strong demand for transportation services on European markets.

“As restrictions throughout Europe relaxed or were even eliminated since May, we expect transport demand to rise significantly, in direct relation to the consumption increase, which will most likely be explosive. The challenge is to mobilize quickly and efficiently, in a very short time, the extra-capacity required by customers, especially for road transportation, the predominant mode of transportation in continental Europe”, says Ramona Păcuraru, Regional Director of Gopet Romania.

Gopet Romania is part of Gopet, a regional group also present in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Poland, and Spain. Freight forwarding companies are an important link in the logistics chains, ensuring the connection between the owners of the goods and their customers. Gopet Romania is positioned as a significant player, with a portfolio of 1500 clients from all market segments, ranging from multinationals to medium and small businesses. The company collaborates with approximately 500 dedicated carriers, to which are added the carriers contracted in open market regime.

The diversified portfolio was an asset in overcoming the difficult periods; the company thus avoided the impact of seasonality or dependence on certain industries that fell under the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Gopet Romania customers come from both production and consumer goods area, representing a wide range of industries: construction, industrial equipment, retail, FMCG, electronics, furniture, glass, chemical or metallurgical industries, agriculture, automotive, fashion. To adapt to the specific needs of these customers, the company has created a business model that prioritizes trust-based relationships with carriers, so that they might develop and grow in partnership with the company; some collaboration contracts have been in force for more than 10 years.

“In the last 15 months, we have paid special attention to both our clients and our subcontractors, and we have made serious efforts to consolidate the two portfolios, on both financial and partnership levels, emphasizing mutual trust. We believe that we are prepared to efficiently manage the second part of 2021”, says Ramona Păcuraru. Estimates for 2021 sum up to 35,000 orders to be delivered, and the company aims to achieve this goal by diversifying services and streamlining processes through digitalization, adding sea and air transport services in its portfolio starting this year, in addition to established road transport services international in full, partial or groupage truck mode. The company can also develop specialized services with customers, such as trailer-pool.

The company’s investment directions focus on digitalization, but also envisage combined road-rail transport, “the green logistics” that minimizes the impact on the environment. Through the intermodal transport implemented by Gopet Romania, a reduction of over 20,000 tons of CO2 was achieved during 2020. Sustainability is one of the basic principles of the company, therefore Gopet Romania invested in increasing the fleet of trailers suitable for intermodal transport, totalling about 200 containers and semi-trailers.

For the future, Gopet Romania estimates an increase in customers’ interest in intermodal transport, due to the implementation of environmental policies at European level and the growing share of environmentally friendly solutions in companies’ management strategies. Gopet Romania aims for intermodal transport services to reach 10% of total revenues in 2021.

About Gopet Romania

Gopet Romania is part of Gopet group, a regional player that is also present in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Poland, and Spain. Constantly in the top 15 of freight forwarders in Romania, the company is positioned as an expert in the field of international road transport, focusing on the development of long-term partnerships.

Gopet Romania offers integrated road and rail transport solutions, with continental coverage, as well as sea and air transport, allowing access to global markets, but also warehousing and logistics for the local and regional market. The company is approaching its 20th year of activity and counts 85 employees. Development plans focus on diversifying services and increasing efficiency through digitalization.